What is the best investment really?

What is the best investment really? Ok, so I’ve read many articles on this topic and still can’t say for sure what would be really best. It all depends on many factors. Let’s name few of them. How much money do you have to invest? What is your risk profile? What are you planning to use the money for? How long do you want to invest money for? Once you manage to answer these questions you’ll have a better idea of the investment type that would suit you. Many financial advisers usually recommend to have a portfolio of varied investments. This way if one investment performs poorly, you have others that might reach its peak. You can make some planning so you have both short term investments along with long-term ones.

I guess you’d like me to focus on the specific ideas that I found looking for the answer to what is the best investment. Here we go then.

In these days economy, best investment might be related to your global financial situation. And as you presume the “best” investment can’t be the same for everyone. Many investment gurus, and I mean, billionaires like Donald Trump, emphasize the importance of investing in your knowledge. Investing in yourself with specific training or additional diplomas (CFP, MBA) are definitely worth it. This can bring most unexpected profits in the future.

Many big and small investors secure their assets by purchasing real estate. This is an evergreen investment market as people need places to live in. Choose the properties located in warm areas like Florida in US or Mexican, Portugal, Spain cities by the ocean coast. These are the places especially appreciated by retirees who look for peaceful and sunny place to spend the rest of their lives.

What is the best investment nowDuring my research I found out that dividend stocks are also very interesting place for putting money in. It comes along with stock market which seems to be excellent investment as long as you know when to buy and when to sell stocks with highest profit. It’s truly simple to start – all you need to do is just open brokerage account and start trading. You should try to base your financial decisions on facts, never on feelings. Mind that if you don’t believe that you can do that, then perhaps you should hire an investing or stock market adviser. Many investors recommend buying high-quality stocks of multinational consumer companies such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods etc. But highest profits can bring purchasing stocks of new companies, startups with promising future. Especially take a closer look at companies which activities are focused on the Internet and IT industry.

Some people answering the question “what is the best investment” were also suggesting to invest in gold, silver as well as equities and corporate bonds. All of them, however, emphasized to diversify your investment portfolio and to be realistic about your interest level in finance.

Now it’s time to take into account my opinion on what is the best investment. Note that all millionaires and billionaires have their own businesses. So if  you invest in your own business like them, you can expect a double digit return if not more. If you find your niche and dominate it with your services you can expect a very high return in short time. The key is to find your business idea. Mind that entrepreneur is someone whose services brings value to life of as large number of people as possible. Don’t go after helping few people, think big to help thousands of them. That’s the beauty of internet – you can reach thousands, not dozens.

Best place to invest your money?

There’s no such thing as best investment because different options work different for everyone of us. Mind that, it’s important to divide your investment money in two, three or more sectors instead of concentrating everything in one place to minimise the risk. Figure out which investment philosophy has the biggest succes probability. Remember to set a clear picture of your investment goals – for instance, accumulating enough money to earn passive income or enough wealth to retire by the age of 50, 60 or maybe saving sufficient amount of money to pay for college tuition of your kids. With a specified goal in your mind it’s easier to begin. Become familiar with the relevant strategy and goals literature so that you had a better sense of the types of investment tactics that will bring you profits. And after becoming familiar with this particular literature and after some trail and error actions, you will know what is the best investment for you.

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