An example of using money is what?

John said: an example of using money is…. what? As if he wanted me to finish the sentence which actually I did. What was my answer then? Well, I think you can use money in a few ways:
– to buy goods, services etc.
– to invest them so that the money would make money
– to give them for those who need them for free
– to start a fire with a bunch of bank notes using them just as piece of paper etc.

There are people who think that happiness can only guarantee having a very large amount of money. I believe, however, that although money really allow a decent living, it is impossible to buy everything with them. Money is not everything, after all. They are just material goods, so that could help us meet our life needs or dreams.

Which of the following is an example of using money as a store of value?

1. Paying for clothes using credit card.
2. Paying with cash for a new car.
3. Paying your rent with a cheque.
4. Keeping RM200 on hand for an emergency.

An example of using money as a store of value is answer 4 because RM200 stores actual value.

Which is an example of using money?

An example of using money is: 2 friends trading baseball cards.
Woman paying for several merchants with salt.
Girl giving her dad two shells for a lollipop.
Plumber trading two copper pipes for six wrenches.

There are two options here. It could be all of them because money today is an abstraction. Paper currency is the most common type of physical money nowadays. But, for instance, objects of gold or silver represent essential properties of the money. The second option is that these aren’t examples of using money because these are barter deals and don’t involve money.

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