French property leaseback scheme


September 15, 2013

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French property leaseback scheme. Are french leasebacks a good investment? Unique to France is a scheme backed by the French Government to increase tourism in certain areas called ‘Residence de Tourisme’ or more commonly known as ‘Leasebacks’. This scheme enables people to be able to invest in their dream holiday home or overseas investment property in France and to cover their mortgage costs with a guaranteed rental income (typically 3-7%) from a large Holiday company who will rent out your property on your behalf for typically 9 years. VAT is refundable on Leaseback scheme properties which equates to a saving of 19.6%. The property will be fully maintained by the managing agent and all costs incurred paid for by them. As the owner you will also have peace of mind that your property is not left unattended for months at a time. Leaseback schemes also allow the owners to have use of the property for allocated weeks of the year. Prices in France are not going to fly but the attraction of Leasebacks is the guaranteed yield (return). Leasebacks are always in great demand as the French snap them up for pension investments as do many canny British. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but rather a ‘get rich surely’ one!

French property leaseback scheme – Property Investment Example

French property leaseback schemeDiscount to open Market Value. If you buy at 12% below market value and achieve growth of 7% for two years using your money as a 30% deposit for a £100,000 property.
Invest as deposit of 30%     £30,000
Mortgage of 70%     £70,000
Property acquired     £100,000
True Value if discount of 12%     £113,636
Growth for two years at 7%     £16,466
Discount plus growth     £30,102

Your profit of £30,102 represents over 100% of your £30,000 original investment. Your Return on Capital Invested (ROCI) is therefore a remarkable 100%….in just 2 years! French property leaseback scheme can be profitable if used properly.

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