What to do with 100000 dollars?


October 26, 2013

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What to do with 100000 dollars? With a 100000 you can do many different things. When few billionaires where asked what to do with $100 000, according to Forbes report here, the answers vary a lot. One suggested to spend $25000 on new adventure, however no one mentioned purchasing yacht or trying new, exotic investment. What they mentioned though were: paying all the debts they have, leaving what’s left in the bank. Why leaving it in the bank and letting it earn nothing? – you may ask. Well, because then you got the money available any time when there’s a good opportunity.
Due to the change in economy, every five years, amazing deals become at the reach of your hand. So that’s the one opinion. Other billionaire suggests investing in a diversified pack of stocks of growing companies. The next idea is to invest in your own company because this way you can be sure the money grows.

Ok, so those where billionaires. I did a quick research through investing forums to bring you even more ideas on what to do with 100000 dollars. What are people suggesting?

What to do with 100000 dollars 2014– Investing in stocks for growth, investing in bonds for safety. Consider a mix of companies that are in energy, technology and consumer goods.
– Investing in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds
– Buying some gold bars because it’s real stuff that you can hold in your hand
– Starting a business that could give them an income for life
– Buying house or 2 dumpy houses, fixing them and then renting
– Diversifying your 100k appropriately among many asset classes including stocks, bonds, cash and real estate
– Choosing FDIC insured CDs, FDIC insured Money Market Funds or Government Treasuries for those who prefer lower risk.
– Real Estate investing (still can be very safe and with the $100,000 you can control over million dollars in real estate).

What to do with 100000 dollars? Mind that when investing such a lump sum of money you should never put your assets in one basket. It’s better to stick with a managed fund, rather than buying individual shares. With purchasing individual shares it’s much harder to get sufficient diversification. Best strategies when investing are long-term ones, not ones changing every month and basing on the whims of the market.

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