Is it worth buying a house nowadays?

Is it worth buying a house? I think it is always worth buying a house if not for yourself, then for renting or as an investment for selling it with profits in the future. In times of crisis, real estate prices return to levels at which we again can not only dream, but actually plan to purchase a house. However, the prices of new properties are still high and the purchase of land and start building for many of us is beyond our strength. Therefore, it is worth considering buying older homes, often with a personal and unique characteristics. In this post I’m quoting some opinions on this topic.

Deciding on the house for renovation we are often guided by the emotions: beautiful lump, the developed garden and a nice neighborhood. However, remember a few basic rules:
– Before you make a purchase decision do not hesitate to watch the house repeatedly best at different times of day to make sure it’s always the same quiet and peaceful in the area,
– If you think about rebuilding / superstructure it’s necessarily to check the quality of the foundation and walls (if there is no moisture, cracks), and wooden elements (roof, floors),
– Equally important is the environment. Please ensure the ground is not wet or if the neighbor does not perform any strenuous activity.
– In the case of decades-old houses it’s necessarily to see if they are not registered as monuments, or being under a conservator’s supervision.

Below are the people’s statements from few forums on the topic of – Is it worth buying a house:

“I am puzzled by the stories of unscrupulous sellers. You never buy a pig in a poke, before buying check works project and the materials from which the house was built. Buying a home is not the same as automobiles and it doesn’t take an hour or two, but a few months! And by this time you’ll learn almost anything about the building.
I decided with my wife that we will built a house because we are not rich enough, and we can not afford to buy a finished house. Construction of the house causes me many gray hairs, sleepless nights, arguments with my wife and others. But I think it’s worth it to have your own home.”

really Is it worth buying a house nowadays“Already built house has such advantages as: you do not have to worry about planning permission and media connections plus you have a no problem with finishing the house and you’re ready to live there. Ready house is mostly more expensive than home built yourself and practically you do not know what materials were used. Companies and people who build homes for sale save on building materials. They are interested in a quick profit.”

Is it worth buying a house already built or build a new one yourself?

As always, a fundamental prerequisite for the acquisition of the property is its location, appearance, and above all price. An important advantage of such houses as compared to the new ones is their location, usually in the developed settlements with roads, shops and public transport. This arrangement simplifies and shortens the journey to work, school or shopping. So is it worth buying a house really? Of course it is, however, do not make any rash decisions when it comes to buying a house.

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